Mikes Apartment Massage Therapy

Welcome back everyone. There’s more Mikes apartment action going down in this scene just like with the rest and of course you get prime access to the whole thing today too. Anyway, in this scene Mike gets to receive some special treats from this beauty of a babe. And it comes in the form of some sensual massage therapy of course. But as you can probably already tell, the two ended up massaging each other if you know what we mean. Either way it makes for a superb scene to say the least and we’re sure you will adore it as well. Anyway, let’s get the cameras rolling and see the action that went down today!

The dark haired babe and Mike go to his room where she has him undress and lay on the bed as she starts to work her magic. And rest assured that she was also packing quite the sensual and sexy outfit for the occasion as well. She was intending to get him hard and rest assured that when you have the hands of such a beauty going up and down your body, there’s no way you won’t get turned on no matter what you’re into! Well long story short, after she got to do her bit you can see her getting a massage as well of the very special kind in fact, that aims to work her sweet pussy balls deep. Enjoy the sight of them fucking hard and come back soon!


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